Gumwall Case Study

This is part of the process I have gone through with my passion project, Since it's my own, I have played almost every role and I have learned so much in the process. Here are some of the roles:

  • Creator
  • Designer
  • Front-end dev
  • Back-end dev barely (now I pay someone)
  • Product manager
  • Marketer
  • Copy writer

What is Gumwall?

It's a service to help you get your memories back. It also helps you hang on to them, organize them, and keep them private.

What problem is Gumwall solving?

Personally, it solves my own need of saving, documenting, and organizing EVERY memory while keeping it private so I don't "overshare" and annoy my friends.

But that sounds like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat?

Is that a question? Most of todays apps are all about your friends and followers, and about what's happening now, so good luck for any memories before 2004. Facebook is more about your friends than you and has grown to do way too much due to the need to monetize your life for ad revenue. Instagram is only photos and videos, is more focused on quality over quantity, and is used as a marketing tool for many. Snapchat is more of a messaging app, although it's latest "Memories" update does make it more interesting.

It's still a work in progress, but we're currently alpha testing to find bugs, improvements, and feature requests.

Some of the process

Initial sketch of the card for gumwall.
An early wireframe for the upload flow. This sketch helped me explain how it would work to a remote developer.

This was a tough problem. I wanted the photos and memories saved on Gumwall to be private, but it also needed to allow friends and family to upload photos to my private timeline. We actually simplified the process even further from the above sketch, by removing the approval process. Just remove it if you don't want it in there.

A "request memory" flow I recently used for explanation to a developer.
A "share memory" flow I used to explain it to a developer.
This is what the web UI looked like a few years ago.
This is what the details view looked like.

UI Update #2

This is the current live version. Only subtle visual changes.

UI Update #3

Gumwall Photo Timeline UI Design
This is an updated version that we'll roll out with the added functionality of showing location meta data, grouping (smart albums) and search.

See the Pen Image overlay w/ buttons & captions by Braden Hamm (@bradenhamm) on CodePen.