Maricopa County Treasury Department Redesign

As the lead designer, I personally spearheaded the complete redesign of the Maricopa County Treasury Department website. While consistently pushing UX best practices, I executed an improved user and mobile-friendly platform while creating an innovative usability-centered design system and style guide. Through my analysis of previous user experience flows, I was able to modernize and simplify processes, as well as promote accessibility to payment platforms. As a member of a team, I also orchestrated and led design presentations with stake holders and executives.

What I Did

  • Analyzed current user flows
  • Planned 6 month Roadmap
  • Created the Styleguide
  • Ran bi-weekly design meetings
  • Pushed UX best practices
  • Created High fidelity mockups
Maricopa Home Desktop


First, we analyzed the current user flows for those paying their taxes, creating accounts, etc.


egov design process roadmap

After analyzing the current product and discussing the features that would be needed, I created and executed a 6-month roadmap for the product.



Layout with Content

Layout with content

Testing Out Color Themes

As you can see, we tested a large amount of color palettes. From the beginning, we all agreed we wanted colors that represented the our natural desert surroundings. This is only a sample.

Applying color

Creating a Style Guide

Once the colors were decided on, I spent more time refining the style guide that would help inform the designs of the internal pages.

Style guide

Mobile Designs

The mobile designs and subsequent discussions went smoothly, with most of the revisions being on the header.

Home Page on Mobile

Internal Pages

One example of an internal page a tax payer would see.

Example of an internal page

User Flows

I used these diagrams to help the client understand and visualize how this process would work.

UX Process flow diagrams